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Patient testimonials

We generally feel that listing patient testimonials on homepages or forums is problematic, as it is not possible for you as a patient to check to make sure that they are the true opinions of the patients. That is why we have not published anything on this for many years.

Since 2010, however, readers' requests for patient testimonials have increased so much that we are now presenting five excerpts from letters from our patients with their consent below:

Patient 1:

'...For 6 years I have been heavily considering undergoing penis enlargement surgery. Now I am asking myself why I didn't have it done much sooner. Thanks to the surgery I now 5 cm more length and 0.5 cm more diameter...'

Patient 2:

'…My small penis size was already a cause for my discomfort in front of others from a very young age, e.g. when undressing or showering after football practise or games. Ever since puberty I have had an urgent desire to have my penis enlarged.
The surgery was able to increase the length of my penis to 16.7 cm...'

Patient 3:

'…I had already tried out all of the various quick fixes offered on the Internet before undergoing my surgery. Nothing had the desired effect. I was surely very naive back then. I wasted several hundred euros on training programmes, stretchers and pills. Over 3 years I did not have even 1 cm of growth to show for it. So I decided to have the surgery. Even though it generally takes longer for my wounds to heal, this was absolutely the right decision!'

Patient 4:

'…I used to have a very poor opinion of "penis enlargement surgery". A friend of mine who is a doctor and the ability to fist have a non-binding discussion anonymously over the phone changed my opinion. The final factor leading to my decision to undergo the surgery was the very comfortable consultation with Dr Jethon. Half a year after the surgery, I only have good news to report. The surgery was a success and I received a satisfying result. I would like to apologise to you for my initial doubt...'

Patient 5:

'...I am very happy that my husband decided to undergo this surgery. I was actually very sceptical at first, but now I must truly say: "Wow!" Thanks again and I wish you many more satisfied patients...'


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