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We kindly ask that you not visit us without making an appointment in advance. Please first contact our administrative office and they will be glad to set up an appointment with you.

We perform our surgeries (both ambulatory and stationary) there in the

Interdisciplinary private clinic Clinica Juaneda

Interdisciplinary private clinic Clinica Juaneda

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The specialists at our centres stand for the highest quality and innovative forms of treatment. They are our international representatives.

In order to be able to offer this outstanding quality at each of our locations in different countries, our activities follow an unusual organisational structure:

Our specialists travel between two locations so that same surgeons responsible for the respective indications are always operating on the patients.

Example: If a patient is suffering from IPP then our IPP specialists will perform the surgery, no matter what location the patient visits. Assistant physicians with less experience will never perform surgeries on our patients.

We therefore offer all patients treatment from a chief surgeon according to their indication - at every location and at all times.

We aspire to provide optimal care to our patients at all times, starting from the first time they contact us through the pre-operative examinations and discussions to the surgery date and on to the post-op support and care.

Administrative office

  +49 6151 606 10 31

  Monday - Friday
9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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You can also contact the responsible patient advisors below by phone:

Hamburg:+49 1805 / 8477 84771
Berlin:+49 1805 / 8477 84771
Munich:+49 1805 / 8477 84771
Stuttgart:+49 1805 / 8477 84771
 +49 1805 / UGRS UGRS1

1 14 cents per minute from the landline, mobile toll up to 42 cents per minute

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